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This package is meant for the entrepreneur who is seeking the freedom from the Matrix. The Billion virus will eradicate all your old & archaic ways of thinking! Along with completely rebuilding your financial DNA composition.  Thus transforming you into the financial beast you were always supposed to be. The Billion Virus is a man made disease taking enzymes from Commerce, Logic and Common Sense to form a super virus that has the ability to destroy stupidity at astonishing speeds!

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Only Available With The

This package is meant for the entrepreneur who is seeking the knowledge to run, operate and thrive in the business world. Documents have been compiled from decades of research, 100's of paid courses and the experience to know what is important for your success.
Only Available With The

This package is loaded with a massive amount of knowledge & documentation from the BILLION BLUEPRINT. Not only will you have the documentation to execute most transactions in business. You''ll also have M.L.Billion as your guide through business and life with his audio video series LIVE WITH ML BILLION exclusively on Yonytv "The Entrepreneurial Network".
  • +  Billion Blueprint 
  • Over 1,000+ Essential Forms & Templates
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  • The Following Billion Business Blueprints are available exclusively to Billion Blueprint Club Membership. To learn more about Billion Blueprint® and how it can help you grow your business.  


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Over 1,000+Essential Forms & Templates

  • Commercial Bank Charter 
  • ​Industrial Bank Charter
  • ​Starting a Payday Loan Business
  • ​​Starting a Bank 
  • ​​Starting a Credit Union
  •  Islamic Banking System
  • ​Banking Videos
  • ​Trust Company Charter
  • ​Trading
  • ​Business Plans
  • ​Credit Repair
  • ​DTC (Depository Trust Company)
  • ​Warren Buffet Mindset
  • ​And More

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Whether your interests are in capital investments, the judicial system or psychological development, the Billion Blueprint will walk you through the process of understanding and implementing any steps needed to turn your goals to reality.

Only 11% of individuals who start a task or goal, actually carry it out until the end.  With a percentage as minuscule as this, one may wonder what makes the difference between the 11% and 89% of individuals? Studies show that setting specific goals and creating a thorough plan that allows one to understand the steps that need to be taken is what separates the individuals that succeed from those who fail.
The definition of insanity is the continuance of the same action and expecting a different result.  Realistically, not many of us have time for trial and error anymore.  If we need to learn how to do something efficiently, the majority of us follow a blueprint; a guaranteed path to success. 

The Billion Blueprint is exactly that path.  With the Billion Blueprint, you will gain a clear insight into the world of success while gaining the knowledge to maximize your income substantially.  This information is guaranteed to benefit not only you, but also the many generations you choose to share this knowledge with.  The Billion Blueprint will lay the foundation for you to take the steps into the most successful stage in your life.
All the Templates You Need to Start, Run and Grow Your Business.

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